showing how to store nano online

How to Setup Nano Wallet Online


This article will guide you through individual steps on how to create an online wallet using website. We recommend this as the minimum security measure for storing your Nano after purchasing from an exchange. The guide will present you images of each step and also guide you on safety best-practices, such as creating locked PDF’s.

Step 1 Registration

Head over to by >clicking here< and make sure you are on the right site by inspecting the secure “https” certificate and that it indeed spells

showing https security sign HTTPS

Next, click on the “Sign Up” button on the top right-hand side to be redirected to the sign up form. Here enter your email and secure password, then hit the sign up button.

showing sign up form Sign Up Form

You will be notified that the wallet registration was successful. Now before you click “Go to Your Wallet” copy the Identifier and Seed one by one and paste them into a google docs or word document. (keep your tab open)

showing nano wallet identifier and seed Identifier/Seed

Step 2

Secure Nano Seed

Create a new Word/Google document and paste both the identifier and seed into the document.

Make sure to clear your clipboard after copy/pasting your seed and identifier!

showing copy/paste info into google or word document
Google or Word

Next, download or save the document as PDF document, and make sure you delete the word/google docs after you have saved it as PDF and empty your trash.

showing how to download the word/google document as PDF
Download/Save as PDF

Now open the PDF document using standard adobe acrobat reader and navigate to the file->properties->security tab as seen in below image. From the security method dropdown menu select the “Password Security” option.

showing PDF settings security to secure nano seed and identifier
Set PDF Security

Next, tick the “require a password to open document” box and enter a secure password. Now click Ok and save the document.

showing setting up a PDF password using adobe acrobat
PDF Password

You will see that once you try opening the PDF it now requires a password. Keeping the file name to something general will further draw less attention to it (e.g. “groceries”). You can copy the document to your google/dropbox drive as backup.

Optionally you can >click here< to purchase an AES 256 encrypted USB to copy your secured PDF on giving you 2 layers of security.

showing that now password is required to open the pdf
Password Required

Step 2

Withdraw Nano

Now that we’ve sorted your seed and identifier you can go back to your nanowallet tab and click on “Go to Your Wallet” to be redirected to your Nano wallet home. Moving to the right-hand side you will see your account. You may create as many wallets as you need or rename them (e.g. “Nano Wallet”, “Business Account” etc.).

showing creation of account
Create/Rename Account

Next click the “receive” button on the top left-hand side to reveal the receiving address. This will be the exact same address as the account number, only that it allows you to copy the account address conveniently. Here copy your wallet address (red address under QR code).

showing how to copy nano wallet address
Copy Wallet Address

Next login to the exchange that you have purchased your Nano’s at, in this case we used Binance exchange. Then navigate to the “Withdrawals” page found under the “funds” menu.

showing withdrawal page
Withdraw Nano

Select Nano from the currency list to filter Nano and click on the currency to reveal its withdrawal information.

showing filtering of nano from crypto currencies
Select Nano Currency

Enter your Nano wallet receive address into the “Nano withdrawal address” box and specify the amount you would like to send, then click “submit”.

showing withdraw page of nano
Withdraw Nano

Depending on your exchanges security measures, you will need to confirm your withdrawal request (e.g. email, 2fa or phone/sim verification). Once you verified the withdraw request you will receive a success notification.

showing email verification to withdraw funds from binance
Withdraw Confirmation

Now go back to your Nano wallet to see how awesome, fast and free nano transactions are! (except for exchange withdrawal fees)

showing users how awesome nano is
Instant, Feeless Nano

Finally you can now send feeless and instant transactions to anyone with a nano wallet! Simply click on the “Send” tab on the top left and input the receiver’s nano address. Enter the amount and click on “Send”.

showing how to send nano
Send Nano

Next Steps

Nano Storage Options

Eventually if you decide to hold a portion of your nano as investment we recommend cold storing your Nano. This process may be challenging if you are not tech savvy but if you have enough patience and time at hand we present a step-by-step guide here. Optionally you can store your Nano in Nano’s official wallet for desktop/mobile or Canoe’s wallet. Follow below guides for more info: