showing how to buy nano currency with euro

How to Buy Nano with Euro


If you are an EU citizen and have a valid EU bank account capable of SEPA transactions you can purchase Nano by depositing Euro into your Coinfalcon account and then exchanging Euro for Nano. Below Step-by-Step guide will explain you how to buy Nano with Euro on Coinfalcon in more detail. The guide was constructed showing users images of each step as well as guiding you on safety best-practices.

If you are not an EU Citizen, you can buy Nano using your Visa/Maestro card (debit/credit). Please follow our main guide >click here<

Step 1

Coinfalcon Registration

Head over to Coinfalcon by clicking here and click on the top right-hand side “Sign Up” button as seen in below image.

showing coinfalcon sign up form
Coinfalcon Sign Up

Next, fill in your email, password and click “Sign Up”.

showing coinfalcon signup form
Coinfalcon Sign Up Form

You will be sent a confirmation email to your designated email address. In your inbox click “confirm email address”.

showing inbox verification email from coinfalcon
Coinfalcon Confirm Email

After confirming your email, you will be redirected to Coinfalcon’s summary page. Here click on the “Deposit” button under the “make your first deposit” notice.

showing coinfalcon deposit button on summary page
Coinfalcon Deposit Button

Next, click on the “Euro” currency option as seen in below image.

showing coinfalcon euro deposit option
Coinfalcon Euro Deposit

Step 2

Coinfalcon ID Verification

Click euro deposit and verify your identity. Enter your name, country and click “Next”.

users need to verify their name and country
Coinfalcon Verify Identity

Next, you’ll need to verify your ID. Choose one of the ID options you have at hand and click on the corresponding icon.

showing coinfalcon ID verification documents
Coinfalcon ID Options

After clicking an ID option, you will need to add your mobile/sim number to receive a link.

showing phone link verification
Coinfalcon Verification

After clicking the mobile link users will be redirected to the passport verification page. Here click on “take a photo of your passport page”. Make sure your ID is visible without any blurs and glares then click upload.

showing phone ID verification
Coinfalcon Mobile ID

After adding your ID you will need to take a selfie showing your face. Make sure that the image is visible and not blurred then proceed with uploading it.

showing coinfalcon mobile selfie page
Coinfalcon Mobile Selfie

After uploading your documents you will be notified to return to your computer. Click on “Submit Verification” to have Coinfalcon verify your ID’s. Please wait as this may take a minute.

showing coinfalcon thats everything we need submission form
Coinfalcon ID Submission

After successful verification proceed with clicking “Deposit Euro”.

showing successfull verification
Coinfalcon Verify Success

Step 3

Deposit Euro

After clicking on “Deposit Euro” you will need to click “Show Address” which will reveal Coinfalcon’s Euro deposit address. Depending on your Bank you will now need to copy Coinfalcon’s transaction details into your Banking application and send the amount of Euro you want to spend. You can use our Nano/EUR calculator by clicking here to calculate exchange rates based on current market prices.

Please note that SEPA transfers may take up to 2 days to complete.

showing coinfalcon euro deposit address
Coinfalcon Euro Deposit

Step 4

Buy Nano with Euro

Users can click on the “Buy/Sell” tab after the funds have been processed.

showing navigation to buy sell tab
Coinfalcon Buy/Sell Page

Next up, make sure you are on the “buy” tab, then enter “nano” to filter the currency and then click on Nano to buy with Euro.

showing how to buy nano with euro on coinfalcon
Coinfalcon Buy Nano Euro

In the “Buying Nano” box specify the amount you would like to purchase according to current market rates.

showing users to specify amount of nano to buy
Coinfalcon Buy Nano Euro

Finally, click the “Buy Nano” button to execute the order. You bought Nano using Euro!

showing coinfalcon nano buy euro button
Coinfalcon Buy Nano Euro

Next Steps

Store Nano Safely

Nano storage depends on your situation. If you decide to use Nano for personal or business transactions we recommend storing the currency in a desktop/mobile wallet. If you decide to HODL (long term investment) than we recommend storing them in offline cold storage or Nano Ledger X (Amazon link below) as this would be the most secure option. Check out nanolinks website for more info on how to store nano currency.